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Caulfield R7
Ladbrokes Back Yourself Hcp
RAIL: True Entire Circuit   CLASS: Open   AGE: No Restriction   SEX: No Restriction   PRIZEMONEY: $125,000   DISTANCE: 1800m
No.SilkRunnerBarHcpDSLSCareerWin%Plc%APILast Start2nd Last3rd Last4th Last
J Michael Poy - T C J Waller
6602124 5-4-420.8%54.2%
10 / 16
1400m S
4 / 14
1100m S
1 / 13
2300m G
1 / 8
2100m S
J Jordan Childs - T Aaron Purcell
255.52041 7-8-817.1%56.1%
2 / 14
1600m S
7 / 11
1600m G
1 / 7
1600m S
1 / 9
1700m S
J Michael Walker - T C J Waller
555.51442 6-9-314.3%42.9%
5 / 14
1600m S
14 / 16
1400m S
8 / 9
1400m G
5 / 7
1700m G
J Jake Noonan - T Ms L Enright
7551445 7-4-715.6%40%
6 / 14
1600m S
8 / 11
1600m G
9 / 14
1100m S
2 / 11
1600m G
J Lachlan King - T M Price & M Kent Jnr
1542118 6-3-133.3%55.6%
3 / 12
1800m S
7 / 9
1400m G
1 / 4
1190m H
4 / 8
2000m G
J Michael Dee - T C J Waller
3541430 5-4-316.7%40%
5 / 10
2100m S
6 / 12
2000m S
13 / 13
2000m G
10 / 12
1600m G
7One More Try
J Craig Williams - T Matthew Cumani
4542112 5-3-041.7%66.7%
2 / 12
1800m S
6 / 9
1400m G
2 / 8
990m H
1 / 13
1700m H
8Dr Drill
J Teodore Nugent - T C Maher & D Eustace
9542113 3-4-223.1%69.2%
1 / 12
1800m S
2 / 14
1800m G
4 / 13
1620m G
2 / 12
1440m G
9He Ekscels
J Dwayne Dunn - T Richard Laming
7541321 4-4-419%57.1%
1 / 6
2100m S
14 / 14
1600m S
6 / 14
1800m G
2 / 7
1600m S
DSLS = Days Since Last Start,   API = Average Prizemoney Index
1. Carzoff (6)
Michael Poy (60)
Black, White Horseshoe, Hooped Sleeves And Checked Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  C J Waller (Flemington)
Breeding  Zoffany(IRE) - Cartama(GB) (Mark Of Esteem(IRE))
Owners  N A Greenhalgh, Mrs M T Greenhalgh, Nick Vass Bloodstock (Mgr: N Vass), Mrs A Vass, Mrs K Ackery, D M Ackery, Werrett Bloodstock Pty Ltd (Mgr: N R J Werrett), F W Cook, Mrs C M Cook, The Estate Of Th
Held up on straightening. Held up near 200m. Rider told to use more care lg nk win of 13 (7) $3.60F 54.0 Auvray. Just Shine 2300m Newcastle G3 Newcastle Cup Good(4) Sept 14. Held up near 400m 3-1/2 len 10th of 16 (3) $61.00 58.0 Blazejowski 1400m Flemington Open Hcp Soft(5) June 8.
Career: 24 5-4-4
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 4 1-2-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-0
Good: 13 3-2-2
Dead: N/a
Slow: 8 2-1-2
Heavy: 1 0-1-0
Earnings: $467,047
Won Between: 1800m to 2300m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1608 Jun '19Flemington R8Open Hcp-125k3.6583Michael Poy1400mSoft5No$611:23.79
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m.
Video Comments: Got well back rails. Off fence straightening but held up badly in traffic. Never really got a run at them at any stage in straight and forget finishing position.
4 of 1420 May '19Werribee R1BTrial2+0k0.5-4M J Dee1100mSoft6No$01:07.33
--- 248 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1314 Sep '18Newcastle R7Group 3 Hcp3+204.9k0.4547K Mc Evoy2300mGood4No$3.62:24.44
Stewards Report: Held up on straightening. Held up near 200m. Rider told to use more care.
Video Comments: Settled in back half 2w, awkwardly placed at corner and held up until 200m, run presented near 100m, charged through to score.
1 of 831 Aug '18Wyong R7LR Quality-164k1546K Mc Evoy2100mSoft5No$62:11.63
Video Comments: Began only fairly, settled last 3WNC early, angled across to fence 1400m and crept closer, 3W turn, angled clear straightening, finished gamely.
4 of 1111 Aug '18Rosehill R7Open Hcp3+100k1.6558Tommy Berry1800mGood3No$41:51.70
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Rider dropped rein.
Video Comments: Settled worse than midfield, had option to come to outside straightening but rider elected to take runs through field, clear at 200m and powered home.
4 of 1228 Jul '18Rosehill R4BM89 Hcp3+100k2.3596S R Weatherley2000mGood4No$82:03.43
Video Comments: Tracked leading pack in 4th, ridden along behind leader on turn, peeled 3W straightening and chased gamely, close to a win.
2 of 1007 Jul '18Randwick R7BM90 Hcp3+100k0.859.54B Shinn1800mSoft7No$111:55.29
Stewards Report: Laid out near 100m.
Video Comments: Box-seated, took run inside leader early in straight, hit front under a hold 300m out, darted away but run down late, good return, just a run short.
8 of 825 Jun '18Rosehill R5BTrial-0k2.5-8A C Schwerin910mSoft7No$00:55.89
5 of 812 Jun '18Randwick R4BTrial-0k5.3-5T Angland1045mHeavy8No$01:04.51
--- 94 DAY SPELL ---
7 of 910 Mar '18Randwick R9LR Quality3+125k2.9532J Ford2000mGood4No$8.52:02.79
5 of 1124 Feb '18Rosehill R6LR Quality3+126k253.58B Avdulla1900mGood3No$4.41:56.75
4 of 612 Feb '18Randwick R4BTrial3+0k1.8-4K Mc Evoy1200mGood4No$01:13.80
1 of 1120 Jan '18Randwick R6BM84 Hcp3+100k0.259.54B Avdulla2000mGood3No$7.52:03.58
8 of 808 Jan '18Rosehill R1BTrial3+0k11.9-8J Bowman1030mGood4No$01:02.30
4 of 823 Dec '17Warwick Farm R5BM80 Hcp3+100k2.259.51L Magorrian2110mGood4No$3.72:09.74
Stewards Report: Held up near turn.
3 of 1109 Dec '17Rosehill R5BM80 Hcp3+100k0.45911B Mc Dougall2000mGood3No$82:03.63
3 of 1018 Nov '17Rosehill R3BM85 Hcp3+100k1.658.58T Angland2000mGood3No$6.52:02.36
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
1 of 1004 Nov '17Rosehill R6BM80 Hcp3+100k0.158.52Ms K O'Hara1800mGood4No$51:50.21
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
2 of 1514 Oct '17Doomben R9BM80 Hcp-60k1.356.53R Fradd1350mGood4No$2.61:19.19
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
4 of 610 Oct '17Gold Coast R11BTrial-0k2.8-1R Fradd900mGood3No$00:53.97
5 of 619 Sep '17Doomben R13BTrial-0k3.7-2G Colless840mGood4No$00:50.48
2. Guizot (2)
Jordan Childs (55.5)
Purple, Gold Yoke And Armbands, Quartered Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour ch
Trainer  Aaron Purcell (Warrnambool 2)
Breeding  Tertullian(USA) - Guantana(GER) (Dynaformer(USA))
Owners  Purcells Enjoy Racing (J Purcell), Winsome (L M Collie), Halo Racing (C B McKenna), A T G Racing (G L Taylor), W Beaton, Mrs M Couch, S D Findlay, L J & Mrs M C Leahy, Mrs L J Ludeman, B McClintock,
Vetted - no abnormalities 3-1/2 len 7th of 11 (6) $6.00 56.0 Spunlago 1600m Flemington Hcp Good(4) May 25. 1/2 hd 2nd of 14 (5) $9.00 56.5 Tan Tat Trusting 1600m Swan Hill Swan Hill Cup Soft(5) June 9.
Career: 41 7-8-8
Track: 4 2-2-0
Dist: 3 0-1-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 2 0-0-1
Good: 19 3-3-5
Dead: N/a
Slow: 15 4-3-2
Heavy: 5 0-2-0
Earnings: $422,120
Won Between: 1400m to 1700m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 131 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1409 Jun '19Swan Hill R9Open Hcp-125k0.156.55J Winks1600mSoft5No$91:36.53
7 of 1125 May '19Flemington R4Open Hcp-125k3.4566Declan Bates1600mGood4No$61:36.22
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Worked to get outside leader. Hard ridden straightening. Did not finish race off well enough.
1 of 711 May '19Caulfield R4Open Hcp-125k0.8554Jordan Childs1600mSoft5No$2.61:38.33
Video Comments: Perfect sit midfield two wide. Worked up to leaders four wide from the corner. Gradually wore them down taking over last 100m for clear win.
1 of 930 Apr '19Warrnambool R8Open Hcp-60.5k1.3573Jordan Childs1700mSoft6No$2.21:46.65
2 of 1113 Apr '19Morphettville R4BM90 Hcp-100k0.85411Fred W Kersley1600mGood4No$41:37.21
Video Comments: Moderate start from wide gate settling midfield, got rolling deeper at turn and closer into stretch, hit front briefly inside 200m but winner kicked away, ran on boldly for 2nd.
5 of 1530 Mar '19Bendigo R9BM90 Hcp-75k4.8572Jordan Childs1400mGood3No$211:22.42
Video Comments: Settled touch worse than midfield two wide. Ridden along between runners from the corner. Battled last 200m without threatening.
--- 42 DAY FRESHEN ---
6 of 1316 Feb '19Flemington R6BM90 Hcp-126k3.857.59D Dunn1600mGood3No$91:34.20
Video Comments: Settled back in second half two wide. Made steady ground middle track in straight but was never close enough.
2 of 726 Jan '19Caulfield R8Open Hcp-125k1544D Dunn1700mGood3No$3.51:45.61
Video Comments: Fairly away and settled three back the outside. Tracked the winner everywhere and came four wide straightening. Chased valiantly but winner too good.
3 of 812 Jan '19Flemington R3Open Hcp-125k1.8543D Dunn1600mGood4No$3.31:37.82
Video Comments: Settled two wide behind speed. Came off heels at the 300m and traveled into the race but run seemed to peak 100m and held ground late.
1 of 1031 Dec '18Warrnambool R7Open Hcp-51.3k2.555.55Ms L J Meech1700mGood4No$2.251:42.32
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages.
5 of 1213 Dec '18Warrnambool R7Open Hcp-46.5k0.7575Jordan Childs1400mSoft5No$151:25.56
10 of 1024 Nov '18Ballarat R7BM84 Hcp-70k11.1578Jack Martin1400mSoft7No$261:27.48
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Drifted back 2nd last. Did nothing in straight.
--- 105 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1011 Aug '18Flemington R9BM84 Hcp-100k5.7594Ben Allen1700mSoft5No$91:44.94
Video Comments: Slow out and settled well back on the fence, stuck to his guns in the straight in the worst part of the track, inconclusive.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 1314 Jul '18Caulfield R3BM90 Hcp-100k1.35413Ben Allen1700mGood4No$9.51:43.95
Video Comments: Settled last and stayed there until the 600 when he went to the outside to make ground, loomed up at the 300 and kept coming to score strong win.
3 of 1223 Jun '18Flemington R8BM90 Hcp-101k0.95511D Oliver1600mGood4No$41:37.25
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m.
Video Comments: Settled back, was making ground nicely in straight when baulked for a run, picked up again and only Nature Strip ran a better closing 200 on day, ready.
6 of 1210 Jun '18Swan Hill R8Open Hcp-100k2.3542Jarrod Fry1600mHeavy10No$4.61:43.67
3 of 1619 May '18Flemington R3BM78 Hcp-60k1.5587Ethan Brown1600mSoft5No$121:36.39
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
2 of 1403 May '18Warrnambool R8Open Hcp-40.5k0.45410Jordan Childs1400mSoft5No$8.51:23.40
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
7 of 1015 Apr '18Terang R8BM78 Hcp-40k8.159.59Jordan Childs1200mHeavy10No$91:14.94
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
3 of 403 Apr '18Cranbourne Trainin R2BTrial2+0k0.6-3Damian Lane990mGood4No$00:59.47
--- 73 DAY LET UP ---
5 of 1020 Jan '18Flemington R1BM84 Hcp-100k3.8575Damian Lane1800mGood4No$7.51:49.65
3. Torgersen (5)
Michael Walker (55.5)
Silver, Red Crossed Sashes, Quartered Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  C J Waller (Flemington)
Breeding  Pins - Oh So Glam(NZ) (O'Reilly(NZ))
Owners  P Ng, B L Mathieson, R Smith, I Bruce, F W Cook, Mrs C M Cook, K H Warriner, J T C Lake, D M Ackery, Mrs K Ackery, R Shrimpton, Mrs C Shrimpton & Magic Bloodstock Racing (Mgr: P G Tighe)
Hampered near 800m. Keen. Rider told to use more care 5-1/2 len 14th of 16 (11) $101.00 57.0 Blazejowski 1400m Flemington Open Hcp Soft(5) June 8. 6 len 5th of 14 (4) $61.00 58.0 Mr Marathon Man 1600m Sandown-Lakeside Open Hcp Soft(7) June 15.
Career: 42 6-9-3
Track: 2 0-1-0
Dist: 1 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-1
Good: 24 4-6-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 14 2-2-2
Heavy: 3 0-1-0
Earnings: $562,915
Won Between: 1300m to 1666m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 125 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1415 Jun '19Sandown-Lakeside R8Open Hcp-125k6584C Newitt1600mSoft7Yes$611:40.67
Video Comments: Drifted back in second half. Hard ridden getting into clear straightening. Kept coming last 200m without getting close.
14 of 1608 Jun '19Flemington R8Open Hcp-125k5.65711C Newitt1400mSoft5Yes$1011:23.79
Stewards Report: Hampered near 800m. Keen. Rider told to use more care.
Video Comments: Settled back at rear. Never came on in straight.
8 of 918 May '19Flemington R8Open Hcp-125k6.857.59B Prebble1400mGood3Yes$211:23.17
Video Comments: Got back last. Never in race.
--- 112 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 726 Jan '19Caulfield R8Open Hcp-125k4.2607D Oliver1700mGood3Yes$131:45.61
Stewards Report: Overraced throughout.
Video Comments: Slowly away and content to sit last. Tracked up three wide from the 500m and although beaten 5 lengths was strong at the line.
4 of 812 Jan '19Flemington R3Open Hcp-125k2.659.55D Oliver1600mGood4Yes$71:37.82
Video Comments: Jumped well and sat outside leader. Was ridden along soon after straightening and could not match them last 200m.
2 of 626 Dec '18Caulfield R6LR Hcp-120k0.559.53S Baster1700mGood3No$2.81:43.68
Stewards Report: Laid out in straight.
Video Comments: Jumped well and sat behind speed. Worked three wide at the 400m and laid out further providing winner with a run. Kept chasing to the line.
2 of 1208 Dec '18Racing.Com Park R6Open Hcp-100.3k1.8603J Mott1600mGood3No$6.51:37.27
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Enjoyed a nice trip three back the fence. Tracked up behind leaders turning and worked home well between runners late.
2 of 1325 Nov '18Kilmore R8LR Hcp-150k1.3581J Mott1600mSoft5No$171:39.13
12 of 1410 Nov '18Flemington R4Group 3 Hcp-201.5k4.45510Tommy Berry1400mGood4No$171:22.12
Video Comments: Settled a long way back and was never in contention, last bit was his best but never a factor.
1 of 727 Oct '18Randwick R4Open Hcp3+125k0.154.56S R Weatherley1400mSoft5No$111:23.31
Video Comments: Positioned one off fence worse than midfield, hooked deepest (best ground) straightening and wound up strongly to overpower rivals in the last few bounds.
5 of 706 Oct '18Randwick R4Open Hcp3+125k7.9572T Angland1400mHeavy8No$101:22.75
Video Comments: Settled one off the fence worse than midfield, dropped the bit on turn, hooked deepest straightening but couldn't make any impact.
4 of 721 Sep '18Rosehill R2BTrial3+0k3.9-4J Bowman1030mGood4No$01:02.64
8 of 1003 Sep '18Rosehill R4BTrial-0k6.2-8Y Ichikawa895mGood4No$00:53.69
--- 198 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 717 Feb '18Doomben R4Open Hcp-70k0.9595R Fradd1630mSoft7No$3.11:39.76
Stewards Report: Checked near turn. Stewards queried run.
1 of 807 Feb '18Ipswich R8Open Hcp-70k0.5575R Fradd1666mGood4No$1.851:41.89
Stewards Report: Hung out near 800m.
5 of 1827 Jan '18Sunshine Coast R9LR Quality-100k4.954.517M Cahill1400mGood4No$141:22.43
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 1230 Dec '17Doomben R6Open SW With Penalties-150k256.59M Cahill1350mGood4No$211:18.25
Stewards Report: Shifted out near post.
2 of 1116 Dec '17Doomben R8LR Quality-150k1.35411M Cahill1350mGood3No$131:18.36
2 of 1625 Nov '17Doomben R8LR Quality-102.5k1.35411R Fradd1350mGood4No$131:18.82
3 of 804 Nov '17Doomben R7Open Hcp-60k3.5595M Cahill1640mFirm2No$4.41:37.23
5 of 731 Oct '17Gold Coast R5BTrial-0k1.7-5M Cahill1000mGood4No$01:01.01
4. Liapari (7)
Jake Noonan (55)
Yellow, Pale Green Crossed Sashes, Red Double Armbands And Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  Ms L Enright (Mornington)
Breeding  Nom Du Jeu(NZ) - Tradewind(NZ) (Al Akbar)
Owners  J Quin
3-3/4 len 8th of 11 (5) $26.00 56.5 Spunlago 1600m Flemington Hcp Good(4) May 25. 6-1/4 len 6th of 14 (7) $31.00 57.5 Mr Marathon Man 1600m Sandown-Lakeside Open Hcp Soft(7) June 15.
Career: 45 7-4-7
Track: 1 0-1-0
Dist: 3 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 31 4-4-4
Dead: N/a
Slow: 11 1-0-2
Heavy: 3 2-0-1
Earnings: $498,170
Won Between: 1200m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 125 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 1415 Jun '19Sandown-Lakeside R8Open Hcp-125k6.157.57Clayton Douglas1600mSoft7No$311:40.67
Video Comments: Sat back last. Still mile back getting to middle track straightening. Made good ground late but from too far off them.
8 of 1125 May '19Flemington R4Open Hcp-125k3.756.55Clayton Douglas1600mGood4No$261:36.22
Video Comments: Settled back 2nd last rails. Did nothing last 200m.
9 of 1420 May '19Werribee R1BTrial2+0k1.6-9Jamie Kah1100mSoft6No$01:07.33
--- 37 DAY FRESHEN ---
2 of 1113 Apr '19Caulfield R9Open Hcp-125k0.25410M Aitken1600mGood4No$711:37.01
Video Comments: Drifted back 2nd last. Came widest from the corner. Ran on with eventual winner last 200m and just missed in driving finish.
9 of 1530 Mar '19Bendigo R9BM90 Hcp-75k9.56010M Aitken1400mGood3No$1511:22.42
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages. Laid in throughout.
Video Comments: Drifted back near rear. Weaved between runners in straight and made some ground without threatening.
10 of 1115 Mar '19Moonee Valley R6LR Hcp-141k5.85511M Aitken1200mGood4No$411:10.88
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Slowly away and settled last. Hunted along from the 600 and only picked up ground late in the straight.
4 of 704 Mar '19Cranbourne Trainin R1BTrial2+0k2.4-4Clayton Douglas990mGood4No$00:59.90
6 of 918 Feb '19Cranbourne Trainin R2BTrial2+0k3.9-6J Maskiell990mGood4No$00:59.64
--- 93 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 817 Nov '18Sandown-Hillside R6Group 3 Quality-150.8k2.354.51B Park1500mGood3No$311:31.08
Video Comments: Settled just off midfield on the fence, got off rial in the straight and ran on OK, not bad.
4 of 1128 Oct '18Sale R7LR Hcp-200k1.855.511B Park1600mGood3No$711:35.56
Stewards Report: Lame.
8 of 1022 Oct '18Cranbourne Trainin R16BTrial3+0k0-8B Park990mSoft6No$01:00.85
--- 58 DAY LET UP ---
11 of 1325 Aug '18Rosehill R7Group 3 Quality3+151k6.953.53S R Weatherley1900mSoft5Yes$412:01.13
Video Comments: Settled out the back, clear last turning for home, stuck to the inside in straight, made no impression.
10 of 1111 Aug '18Rosehill R7Open Hcp3+100k3.958.55J Bowman1800mGood3Yes$91:51.70
Video Comments: Got back near last on the fence and failed to make any impression in the straight.
14 of 1728 Jul '18Rosehill R7LR Quality3+150k6.25512J Ford1500mGood4Yes$191:29.59
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Inquiry into performance.
Video Comments: Positioned one off the fence worse than midfield, under pressure on turn, never threatened.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 1430 Jun '18Rosehill R7LR Quality3+150k0.1533J Ford1350mSoft7Yes$411:21.98
Video Comments: Settled worse than midfield on fence, saved ground on fence on turn, switched off heels halfway down the straight and charged late to arrive on line.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
8 of 1302 Jun '18Rosehill R8Open Hcp3+100k3.455.513B Shinn1400mGood4Yes$261:24.37
Video Comments: Eased back to settle a clear last, still well back on straightening, came to extreme outside but only managed to pass tired horses.
4 of 825 May '18Rosehill R4BTrial-0k2.3-4L Magorrian900mGood4No$00:53.51
--- 34 DAY FRESHEN ---
9 of 1221 Apr '18Randwick R8Group 3 Quality3+151.5k5537J Ford2000mGood3Yes$612:01.18
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
9 of 1131 Mar '18Rosehill R2Group 3 SW With Penalties4+151k7.85510B Avdulla2000mGood4Yes$162:04.37
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
4 of 910 Mar '18Randwick R9LR Quality3+125k1.4543B Avdulla2000mGood4No$82:02.79
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages. Checked early stages. Hampered near 200m.
3 of 1124 Feb '18Rosehill R6LR Quality3+126k0.3536J Ford1900mGood3No$131:56.75
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
5. Masculino (1)
Lachlan King (54)
Royal Blue, Silver Stripe, Royal Blue And Silver Stripe Cap
Age 4yo   Sex G   Colour b/br
Trainer  M Price & M Kent Jnr (Caulfield)
Breeding  Smart Missile - Special Melody (Encosta De Lago)
Owners  L A Wilkinson, F K Butler, Mrs K M Butler, Clarke Kent Syndicate (Mgr: S Walter), B W Wheeler, Mrs L J Wheeler, C S Hughes, Mrs S J Hughes, B K Semmens, E Slavec, G M Davis, S K Lee, G O T G Racing S
Keen. Vetted - no abnormalities 4-1/4 len 7th of 9 (6) $3.40F 52.0 Spanner Head 1400m Flemington Open Hcp Good(3) May 18. 2-3/4 len. 3-1/4 len 3rd of 12 (1) $9.50 60.0 Dr Drill. One More Try 1800m Flemington (Bm84) Soft(5) June 8.
Career: 18 6-3-1
Track: 2 1-1-0
Dist: 1 0-0-1
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 11 3-2-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 4 1-1-1
Heavy: 3 2-0-0
Earnings: $435,650
Won Between: 950m to 2000m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 1208 Jun '19Flemington R7BM84 Hcp-125k6.1601Teodore Nugent1800mSoft5No$9.51:52.22
Video Comments: Sat two wide leaders heels. Under pressure from the corner. Battled away last 200m and held minor placing.
7 of 918 May '19Flemington R8Open Hcp-125k4.3526Lachlan King1400mGood3No$3.41:23.17
Stewards Report: Keen. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Got back touch worse than midfield two wide. Wide from the corner. Made some ground but never close.
1 of 406 May '19Cranbourne Trainin R21BTrial2+0k1-1J Noonan1190mHeavy8No$01:13.60
--- 114 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 812 Jan '19Flemington R5Open Hcp-135k3.9546Zac Spain2000mGood4No$22:02.68
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Slowly away and then hunted up to sit outside leader. Looked the winner when cruised to lead straightening. Pressured at 200m and he found little from then on fading from then on.
2 of 829 Dec '18Moonee Valley R6Open Hcp-120k0.5552J Noonan2040mGood4No$3.12:07.00
Video Comments: Nice trail two wide behind speed. Loomed up to head leaders straightening. Found one better last 200m but held second spot.
1 of 915 Dec '18Flemington R3BM84 Hcp-100k0.1577Lachlan King1720mSoft5No$3.41:46.84
Video Comments: Nice sit 4th two wide. Flat footed at 400m and looked in trouble but he dug deep soon after and kept grinding away. Stuck head in front last 50m for gutsy win.
11 of 1325 Nov '18Kilmore R8LR Hcp-150k3.35411Zac Spain1600mSoft5No$6.51:39.13
Stewards Report: Held up near 200m. Vetted - no abnormalities.
10 of 1606 Nov '18Flemington R3BM90 Hcp4,5121.5k8.557.55J Noonan1400mHeavy8No$171:23.32
Video Comments: Drifted well back rails. Hard ridden and still well back from the corner. Just battled.
6 of 1022 Oct '18Cranbourne Trainin R16BTrial3+0k0-6J Noonan990mSoft6No$01:00.85
--- 100 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1414 Jul '18Caulfield R6Open Hcp3120k25913Zac Spain2000mGood4No$2.252:02.05
Video Comments: Settled 3 wide with cover just off midfield, made run wide on the bend with eventual winner but couldn't match him, stuck to his guns, very good.
1 of 1230 Jun '18Caulfield R3Open Hcp3120k3589Zac Spain2000mGood4No$2.62:02.14
Stewards Report: Wide early stages.
Video Comments: Caught 3 wide early so went forward to settle outside leader, took over on straightening and gave nothing else a chance, nice ride and way too good.
1 of 1609 Jun '18Flemington R8Open Hcp3120k157.513Zac Spain2000mGood4No$112:01.69
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Settled midfield wide but with cover, came widest on the turn and hit the lead at the 300 and burst clear, too good.
2 of 1302 Jun '18Moonee Valley R8Open Hcp3120k0.5528Liam Riordan1600mSoft5No$131:38.28
Video Comments: Settled midfield but ran into traffic problems before the turn, ran home nicely once he got clear.
7 of 1319 May '18Flemington R9Open Hcp3120k456.51N Callow1600mGood4No$91:36.23
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
7 of 1525 Apr '18Flemington R7Open Hcp3121k2.957.515N Callow1400mGood3No$91:22.41
--- 208 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1129 Sep '17Moonee Valley R8Group 2 SW3201.5k3.1572J Noonan1600mGood3No$4.81:37.14
Stewards Report: Held up concluding stages.
1 of 709 Sep '17Moonee Valley R2Open Hcp3120k0.254.51J Noonan1509mGood4No$4.81:32.45
1 of 1027 Aug '17Cranbourne R6Cls 1 Hcp-25k3.3574J Noonan1400mHeavy9No$2.41:30.14
1 of 421 Aug '17Traralgon R2BTrial30k0.8-1J Noonan950mSoft6No$00:55.65
--- 93 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1320 May '17Flemington R1Open SW With Penalties2100k1.7573J Noonan1400mGood4No$101:24.13
Stewards Report: Laid in near 200m.
1 of 628 Apr '17Benalla R2Mdn SW220k0.3584J Noonan1106mHeavy10No$61:09.05
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Wide during race.
6. Alward (3)
Michael Dee (54)
Navy Blue, White Band And Go Racing Logo, Armbands And Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour ch
Trainer  C J Waller (Flemington)
Breeding  Aqlaam(GB) - Sharedah(IRE) (Pivotal(GB))
Owners  Real Kiwi (Mgr: A J A Bosma), A J A Bosma, I D Dobson, P J C Fisher, F B N Fox, B F Winsloe, T M Beer, A S Jones, Mrs M P Patton, C B Patton, R L Burns, A R Ormond, Dr H Swart, G R Molloy, Mrs G J Mo
Keen 7-3/4 len 6th of 12 (3) $41.00 54.0 Pacodali 2000m Caulfield Open Hcp Soft(6) June 1. 4-1/2 len 5th of 10 (8) $31.00 54.0 Mawaany Machine 2100m Sandown-Lakeside Open Hcp Soft(7) June 15.
Career: 30 5-4-3
Track: 1 0-0-0
Dist: 2 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 21 4-2-3
Dead: N/a
Slow: 7 0-2-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $420,327
Won Between: 2000m to 2000m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 125 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1015 Jun '19Sandown-Lakeside R5Open Hcp-135k4.4548Damien Thornton2100mSoft7No$312:15.79
Video Comments: Got well back and wide. Worked into the race before the corner. Looked chance straightening but run ended last 200m.
6 of 1201 Jun '19Caulfield R9Open Hcp-135k7.7543C Newitt2000mSoft6Yes$412:04.52
Stewards Report: Keen.
Video Comments: Settled three back rails. Got off fence straightening. Just battled away last 200m holding ground late.
13 of 1318 May '19Rosehill R7LR Quality3+151k12.9545S R Weatherley2000mGood4Yes$412:03.52
Stewards Report: Lost a plate.
Video Comments: Led early. Challenged for front and eventually handed up passing 1400m. Strode up outside leader at 600m but dropped out soon after straightening. Worked too hard early.
10 of 1227 Apr '19Hawkesbury R8Group 3 Hcp-201.8k10.75512A Hyeronimus1600mGood3No$261:34.47
Video Comments: Settled one off the fence worse than midfield. Peeled deep at the top of the straight but couldn't finish off.
--- 122 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1026 Dec '18Randwick R7Group 3 Quality3+161k654.56J Ford2000mGood4Yes$9.52:04.02
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Lame.
Video Comments: Jumped midfield and settled 1 x 2. Took off at the 600 and challenged lead at turn but soon compounded up the rise.
3 of 717 Dec '18Randwick R1BTrial3+0k1.3-3K Mc Evoy1200mSoft6No$01:14.89
4 of 1325 Nov '18Kilmore R8LR Hcp-150k1.756.54S Baster1600mSoft5Yes$211:39.13
--- 57 DAY LET UP ---
11 of 1829 Sep '18Randwick R8Group 1 Hcp3+755k4.450.51Ms K O'Hara2400mGood3No$812:29.61
Video Comments: Settled behind the speed on the fence, shuffled back to midfield at 800m, took a rails run straightening but couldn't finish off.
9 of 1615 Sep '18Randwick R8Group 3 SW With Penalties3+161k3.9556J B Mc Donald2000mGood4No$9.52:02.01
Video Comments: Positioned a touch worse than midfield on the fence, took a rails run straightening and chased hard but didn't exactly attack the line.
2 of 507 Sep '18Warwick Farm R1BTrial3+0k0.1-2J Bowman1200mHeavy8No$01:18.51
3 of 1223 Aug '18Hawkesbury R7LR Hcp3+151k2.355.51Ms K O'Hara1600mGood3No$261:34.84
Stewards Report: Held up on straightening.
Video Comments: Travelled well midfield on the fence, stuck to inside straightening, took a run along rails at 300m and chased gamely. Encouraging return.
9 of 907 Aug '18Rosehill R2BTrial-0k5-9B Shinn1000mGood4No$00:59.80
7 of 823 Jul '18Rosehill R2BTrial-0k4-7K Mc Evoy1030mGood4No$01:03.23
--- 79 DAY LET UP ---
7 of 1005 May '18Rosehill R6LR Quality3+151k4.955.59T Angland2000mGood4No$2.82:04.08
Stewards Report: Lame.
3 of 624 Apr '18Canterbury R6BTrial-0k1.7-3K Mc Evoy900mGood4No$00:56.40
6 of 1507 Apr '18Randwick R5Group 2 Quality3+302k5.25511K Mc Evoy2600mGood4No$4.82:41.57
Stewards Report: Squeezed out early stages.
2 of 1324 Mar '18Rosehill R3Group 3 Quality3+151k0.35410Tommy Berry2400mSoft7No$52:35.03
2 of 910 Mar '18Randwick R9LR Quality3+125k0.153.56K Mc Evoy2000mGood4No$32:02.79
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Wide throughout.
3 of 824 Feb '18Rosehill R2Open Hcp3+100k0.8542L Magorrian1500mGood4No$141:30.18
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
4 of 615 Feb '18Warwick Farm R1BTrial3+0k2.6-4J Bowman1200mGood4No$01:13.90
5 of 1005 Feb '18Rosehill R3BTrial3+0k4-5B Shinn1030mGood4No$01:02.00
7. One More Try (4)
Craig Williams (54)
Pink, Purple And Black Diamonds, Quartered Cap
Age 4yo   Sex M   Colour br
Trainer  Matthew Cumani (Ballarat)
Breeding  Dane Shadow - Belzain (Woodman(USA))
Owners  L E Bartle, Mrs P G Bartle, C P Bartle, Mrs J D Bartle, B S Lyons, Mrs M L Lyons, Mrs T Walsh & A Walsh
Began awkwardly 3-1/2 len 6th of 9 (3) $6.00 52.0 Spanner Head 1400m Flemington Open Hcp Good(3) May 18. 2-3/4 len 2nd of 12 (3) $6.50 57.5 Dr Drill 1800m Flemington (Bm84) Soft(5) June 8.
Career: 12 5-3-0
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 1 0-1-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 5 1-2-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 5 3-1-0
Heavy: 2 1-0-0
Earnings: $163,665
Won Between: 800m to 2000m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1208 Jun '19Flemington R7BM84 Hcp-125k2.857.53Fred W Kersley1800mSoft5No$6.51:52.22
Video Comments: Nice trail behind speed. Chased bravely from the corner but leader in another class.
6 of 918 May '19Flemington R8Open Hcp-125k3.5523Fred W Kersley1400mGood3No$61:23.17
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Settled midfield. Got wide straightening. Battled on well enough without getting close.
2 of 806 May '19Cranbourne Trainin R15BTrial2+0k1-2Jamie Kah990mHeavy8No$01:00.27
--- 181 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1306 Nov '18Flemington R2Open Hcp4+121.5k0.4542Ms L J Meech1700mHeavy8No$4.81:45.35
Video Comments: Settled midfield rails. Weaved passage between runners back inside. Responded to hard riding final 200m and finished too well for them final stages.
1 of 810 Oct '18Bendigo R5BM70 Hcp3+30k1606Jordan Childs1600mSoft5No$3.31:37.93
Video Comments: Drifted back to last on settling. Did no work off the stready tempo. Was brought to the outside on the corner and just ran on too well for a nice win.
1 of 916 Sep '18Geelong R5BM64 Hcp3+25k259.53Lachlan King1525mGood3No$51:31.99
Stewards Report: Eased near 200m.
--- 84 DAY LET UP ---
4 of 1324 Jun '18Ballarat R7BM70 Hcp-50k9565Ms L J Meech2300mHeavy8No$32:32.60
1 of 907 Jun '18Ballarat R5BM70 Hcp2+30k2565Ms L J Meech2000mSoft5No$2.82:09.48
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
1 of 717 May '18Kilmore R2Mdn SW2+22k1.856.55Ms L J Meech1900mSoft6No$3.31:59.52
Stewards Report: Shifted in near 200m.
2 of 629 Apr '18Geelong R1Mdn SW3+25k1.3563Jordan Childs1525mGood4No$1.51:32.23
Stewards Report: Stewards queried run. Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 162 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 818 Nov '17Cranbourne R1Mdn SW3+22k0.856.56J Noonan1600mGood3Yes$1.751:40.43
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
4 of 1229 Oct '17Sale R2Mdn SW325k1.75610Beau Mertens1400mSoft6No$4.41:26.93
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Held up near 600m.
1 of 809 Oct '17Cranbourne Trainin R23BTrial3+0k1-1M J Dee1190mSoft6No$01:12.81
--- 175 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 917 Apr '17Sandown-Lakeside R1Open Hcp235k2.358.52J Noonan1200mGood3No$111:12.44
Stewards Report: Raced erratically.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 1020 Mar '17Cranbourne Trainin R5BTrial20k1.3-1M J Dee800mGood4No$00:48.00