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Morphettville Parks R3
RAIL: Normal   CLASS: BM70   AGE: 3   SEX: No Restriction   PRIZEMONEY: $45,000   DISTANCE: 1400m
No.SilkRunnerBarHcpDSLSCareerWin%Plc%APILast Start2nd Last3rd Last4th Last
1Beerz With Clint
J Todd Pannell - T C W McDonald
1581413 1-4-27.7%53.8%
12 / 12
1200m S
3 / 15
1100m G
3 / 10
1000m S
5 / 9
1200m G
2Ice Ghost
J Dom Tourneur - T G V Richards
8581418 2-1-611.1%50%
4 / 11
1600m H
2 / 8
1550m G
8 / 17
1600m S
3 / 13
1400m G
J Liam Riordan - T R D Griffiths
6582810 2-0-220%40%
9 / 10
1440m S
1 / 12
1400m S
7 / 12
1200m S
3 / 9
1400m G
4Left Hand Man
J Ryan Hurdle - T Jon O'Connor
657.5218 2-0-025%25%
1 / 11
1400m G
5 / 8
1550m G
13 / 17
1600m S
5 / 11
1400m G
5Blow Torch
J Barend Vorster - T Tony McEvoy
457213 1-1-033.3%66.7%
2 / 7
1300m G
4 / 9
1190m H
9 / 11
1410m S
1 / 9
1200m S
J Justin Huxtable - T M A Kavanagh
556138 1-3-112.5%62.5%
2 / 8
1400m S
5 / 13
1300m S
7 / 11
1400m G
2 / 10
1300m G
7Toorak Smock
J Ms Georgina Cartwright - T Nicholas Roe
356219 2-1-222.2%55.6%
4 / 7
1300m G
2 / 16
1205m G
3 / 7
1100m G
10 / 12
1000m G
8Calypso Storm
J Paul Gatt - T K M Knowles
754196 1-1-216.7%66.7%
1 / 11
1400m G
2 / 14
1400m G
4 / 7
1350m S
3 / 10
1200m S
9Crown Harmonium
J Sairyn Fawke - T J E Hickmott
254108 1-2-112.5%50%
2 / 14
1400m S
1 / 2
1100m G
8 / 10
1400m S
5 / 10
1400m G
DSLS = Days Since Last Start,   API = Average Prizemoney Index
1. Beerz With Clint (1)
Todd Pannell (58)
Black, White Seams, Purple Cap
Age 3yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  C W McDonald (Caulfield)
Breeding  Written Tycoon - Neon Bel (Bel Esprit)
Owners  J K Kasbarian, A Stephenson, J R Bowden, J K Vella, D C McGregor, G Clugston, R Glugston, D M Bloor, D G Willis, P Webster, B Cohen, A P Ellis, P Richards, G Turner, B G Woods, A Thompson, V T McClel
3/4 len. lg nk 3rd of 15 (3) $12.00 54.5 Not Enough Effort. Des Moines 1100m Flemington 3yo Hcp Good(3) May 25. Weakened near 250m. Hampered at start. Respiratory issues 14-1/4 len last of 12 (7) $4.20 54.5 Morrissy 1200m Sandown-Lakeside 3yo Hcp Soft(7) June 15.
Career: 13 1-4-2
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 7 0-2-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 6 1-2-1
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $136,160
Won Between: 1200m to 1200m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 125 DAY SPELL ---
12 of 1215 Jun '19Sandown-Lakeside R4Open Hcp3135k14.354.57D Oliver1200mSoft7Yes$4.21:13.68
Stewards Report: Weakened near 250m. Hampered at start. Respiratory issues.
Video Comments: Nice trail two wide behind speed. Under pressure straightening. Dropped out last 200m.
3 of 1525 May '19Flemington R9Open Hcp3135k1.254.53D Oliver1100mGood3Yes$121:04.05
Video Comments: Settled back inside runners midfield. Stayed back inside last 200m. Chased hard and held minor spot.
3 of 1008 May '19Sandown-Hillside R3BM70 Hcp350k1.2582D Oliver1000mSoft6Yes$80:58.70
Video Comments: Began fine and drifted back to settle 2nd last off rail. Got out deep on the track down the lane and worked home nicely.
--- 103 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 925 Jan '19Moonee Valley R3Open SW With Penalties3150k1.9577D Oliver1200mGood3Yes$5.51:10.66
Video Comments: Began on terms, drifted back to 3rd last 3WWC, loomed up 5W turn, challenged strongly straightening, stuck to his task well after wide trip.
2 of 1019 Jan '19Flemington R5Open SW With Penalties3251k0.2574D Oliver1100mGood4Yes$6.51:04.53
Video Comments: Settled back in second half in traffic. Went back inside last 200m. Chased hard and just missed on line. Wins next stride.
--- 29 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 921 Dec '18Moonee Valley R1Mdn SW330k4.3582D Oliver1200mSoft5Yes$3.51:12.34
Video Comments: Jumped well and settled outside leader, took over before the bend and quickly set up a winning break, ran best 400-200 split of night, bolted in.
4 of 814 Dec '18Moonee Valley R1Mdn SW330k1.1585J Bowditch1200mSoft5Yes$4.61:13.32
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages. Held up near 400m.
2 of 1022 Nov '18Moe R3Mdn SW326k2589J Bowditch1117mSoft6Yes$3.11:07.46
2 of 807 Nov '18Kyneton R3Mdn SW326k0.8582J Bowditch1200mGood4Yes$41:11.18
9 of 1327 Oct '18Moonee Valley R5Group 3 SW With Penalties3152.5k5.7561J Bowditch1200mGood4Yes$611:10.00
Video Comments: Settled third on the fence, was still 4th when they straightened but got the wobbles late, outclassed.
5 of 811 Oct '18Mornington R1Mdn SW326k5581Dylan Dunn1000mGood4No$1.90:58.78
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m. Slowly away. Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 103 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1030 Jun '18Caulfield R1Open Hcp2100k8.5589Jacob Rule1200mGood4No$111:10.68
Video Comments: Settled in the 1/1, was held up rounding the home turn, got clear at the 300 but was only-paced in the straight, even effort.
2 of 1111 Jun '18Mornington R1Mdn SW227k1.8589M Zahra1000mSoft5No$4.40:58.78
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Sat midfield two wide. Got going soon after straightening. Laid in touch in straight but chased hard into second placing.
2. Ice Ghost (8)
Dom Tourneur (58)
Royal Blue, White Seams, Hooped Sleeves, White Cap
Age 3yo   Sex G   Colour gr
Trainer  G V Richards (Morphettville)
Breeding  Bradbury's Luck - Ghost Story(JPN) (Dance In The Dark(JPN))
Owners  A C Williamson, R M Warnock, Mrs C D Williamson, C A Reynolds, C J Royans, Mrs P C Southern-Ninnis, P J Ninnis, T R Hull, R L Payne, T W Farley, L R Royans, P W Williamson, B J Weber, Ms J Heaney, Be
Laid in in straight lg nk 2nd of 8 (6) $3.80 57.5 Yulong Patrol 1550m Morphettville Parks 3yo-Bm70 Good(4) June 1. Hung in in straight. Vetted - no abnormalities 4-1/2 len 4th of 11 (10) $4.20F 57.5 Rapid Bay 1600m Morphettville 3yo (Bm70) Heavy(8) June 15.
Career: 18 2-1-6
Track: 8 2-1-3
Dist: 3 0-0-2
Track/Dist: 3 0-0-2
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 13 2-1-5
Dead: N/a
Slow: 4 0-0-1
Heavy: 1 0-0-0
Earnings: $100,200
Won Between: 800m to 1550m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 125 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 1115 Jun '19Morphettville R5BM70 Hcp345k4.557.510Ms C Jones1600mHeavy8Yes$4.21:40.45
Stewards Report: Hung in in straight. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Fairly away and pushed back to settle last. Worked to the extreme outside rounding the corner and got to the post solidly.
2 of 801 Jun '19Morphettville Park R6BM70 Hcp345k0.457.56Ms C Jones1550mGood4Yes$3.81:34.62
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Fair break, drifted to back half 2w, edged deeper at corner, gave chase down middle, laid in 100m, strong through line.
8 of 1711 May '19Morphettville R6LR SW3100.4k2.957.55Jake Toeroek1600mSoft6Yes$131:38.56
Stewards Report: Hampered at start. Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Away well, hampered and eased to 6th between horses, similar at corner, laid in, even finish down middle.
3 of 1327 Apr '19Morphettville Park R7LR SW With Penalties3100.2k1.2566Jake Toeroek1400mGood4Yes$411:22.82
Video Comments: Fair start, scrubbed to settle 9th between horses, same at corner, run came inside 200m, flew late for 3rd.
8 of 1813 Apr '19Morphettville R5LR SW3100.2k457.510D Tourneur1800mGood4Yes$141:51.14
Video Comments: Good start before dropping back to midfield 3w, edged to middle at bend, ran on solidly.
3 of 1230 Mar '19Morphettville R4Open Hcp345k0.25712D Tourneur1600mSoft5Yes$141:37.95
Stewards Report: Shifted in at start. Eased early stages. Rider told to use more care.
Video Comments: Fair start from outside gate settling midfield 3wnc, similar at corner, loomed boldly but narrowly outpointed late.
3 of 716 Mar '19Morphettville Park R4BM70 Hcp345k0.257.52D Tourneur1400mGood4Yes$7.51:26.81
Video Comments: Landed in the 1-1 and same to corner, needed room into straight, ran on determinedly to just miss in busy finish.
3 of 502 Mar '19Morphettville R1BM70 Hcp345k3.1582J Holder1100mGood4Yes$91:04.18
Stewards Report: Struck interference at start.
Video Comments: Awkwardly away and settled 2nd last. Tracked up nicely approaching the turn and worked home well to the line late, once he balanced up.
--- 84 DAY LET UP ---
4 of 608 Dec '18Morphettville R3BM70 Hcp345k2.4592J Holder1500mSoft5Yes$3.71:31.83
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Fair start, eased to settle 5th on fence behind modest tempo, 4th at corner, edged off heels but limited response when leaders kicked away.
1 of 1024 Nov '18Morphettville Park R8BM70 Hcp-35k0.8544J Holder1550mGood4Yes$2.51:36.37
Video Comments: Broke well, settled a close 5th between horses, traffic at corner, gained inside split at 300m, punched clear, kept on to score.
4 of 817 Nov '18Morphettville Park R2BM68 Hcp345k1.257.54R J Hurdle1400mGood4Yes$3.91:24.81
Video Comments: Out on terms b ut restrained to settle near tail, switched deep at corner, closed intently from well back.
3 of 703 Nov '18Morphettville R2BM68 Hcp345k5.555.57Anna Jordsjo1200mGood4Yes$3.11:09.48
Stewards Report: Wide throughout. Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Not best away and last early, switched deep at corner, laid in, ran on solidly to place but a long way from the winner.
4 of 920 Oct '18Morphettville R6Open Hcp3100.3k1.6553R J Hurdle1200mGood4Yes$141:10.25
Video Comments: Out well but drifted back to midfield between horses, in restricted room at 300m, worked to line.
1 of 606 Oct '18Morphettville Park R3BM70 Hcp345k1.3524Anna Jordsjo1250mGood4Yes$51:15.30
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: One of the best away but eased back to 4th 2w, balanced up well topping stretch, went to lead inside 100m, dashed clear.
1 of 727 Sep '18Morphettville Park R7BTrial30k2-1Sophie Logan1000mGood4No$01:01.06
--- 110 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 1109 Jun '18Morphettville Park R2Open Hcp245k2.355.57R J Hurdle1250mGood4Yes$5.51:15.66
Video Comments: Away on terms, allowed to settle in 8th, caught wide, travelled well into stretch, laid in from 200m, closed intently.
8 of 1202 Jun '18Morphettville Park R1Mdn SW230k6.257.512R J Hurdle1000mGood4No$30:58.21
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Shifted in at start. Raced greenly.
Video Comments: Out awkwardly, backed off to settled near tail on fence, raced greenly, still a long way off them on turn, trimmed margin very late.
5 of 1119 May '18Morphettville R2Group 3 SW2200.4k4.757.55J Bowditch1200mSoft6Yes$1011:10.67
Video Comments: Over-raced behind the speed, held position into stretch, lacked necessary gear change.
1 of 703 May '18Strathalbyn R4BTrial20k0.2-1R J Hurdle1000mSoft7No$01:04.77
7 of 821 Apr '18Morphettville R1Open Hcp2100k4.6565R J Hurdle1050mGood4No$111:01.78
Stewards Report: Struck interference at start. Raced greenly. Vetted - no abnormalities, ordered to trial.
2 of 805 Apr '18Morphettville Park R5BTrial20k3.3-2R J Hurdle1000mGood4No$01:00.46
4. Left Hand Man (6)
Ryan Hurdle (57.5)
Navy Blue, White Seams, White And Navy Blue Seams Cap
Age 3yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  Jon O'Connor (Morphettville)
Breeding  Ambidexter - Chomp (Flying Spur)
Owners  Miss T M Harrison, Mrs D E Harrison, Ms K L Harrison, Give Us A Sec (Mgr: L Zagari), Bosco Bloodstock (Mgr: P Clift), Revstubby Racing (Mgr: C Roberts), Dakarmo Racing (Mgr: D R W Hornhardt), Back Th
Hung out near turn 2-3/4 len 5th of 8 (8) $7.00 56.5 Yulong Patrol 1550m Morphettville Parks 3yo-Bm70 Good(4) June 1. Lg hd win of 11 (3) $2.70F 56.5 Kingsgrove. Svetlana's Arrow 1400m Morphettville Parks (Bm64) Good(4) June 8.
Career: 8 2-0-0
Track: 6 2-0-0
Dist: 2 1-0-0
Track/Dist: 2 1-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 7 2-0-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 1 0-0-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $58,600
Won Between: 1000m to 1250m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1108 Jun '19Morphettville Park R8BM64 Hcp-30k0.256.53R J Hurdle1400mGood4No$2.71:24.54
Video Comments: Began well, led early before handing up to BS 3rd fence, angled 1 off turn, gained split 250m, showed great determination to score narrowly.
5 of 801 Jun '19Morphettville Park R6BM70 Hcp345k2.756.58R J Hurdle1550mGood4No$71:34.62
Stewards Report: Hung out near turn.
Video Comments: Pushed up deep to find the lead, joined at 300m, gave away inside 200m.
13 of 1711 May '19Morphettville R6LR SW3100.4k5.857.517J Holder1600mSoft6No$211:38.56
Stewards Report: Raced wide without cover.
Video Comments: Moderate start from wide gate, hunted up deep to track leaders 3w, under pressure into stretch, gave away.
5 of 1127 Apr '19Morphettville Park R3BM70 Hcp-100k0.9521Kayla Crowther1400mGood4No$4.81:24.12
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Overraced early stages.
Video Comments: Began awkwardly then ridden up along inside into handy spot on inside, keen, behind leaders into stretch, run came at 300m, ran on very well but narrowly outpointed late.
4 of 1006 Apr '19Morphettville Park R5BM70 Hcp3100k2.555.57R J Hurdle1300mGood4No$161:17.38
Video Comments: Away well to race outside leader, len 2nd at corner, on terms at 200m but soon peaked, boxed on to just miss 3rd.
1 of 728 Mar '19Strathalbyn R8BTrial30k0.1-1R J Hurdle1000mSoft5No$01:03.28
--- 124 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 724 Nov '18Morphettville Park R2BM68 Hcp345k3.8587R J Hurdle1250mGood4No$91:15.17
Stewards Report: Hampered near turn.
Video Comments: Moderate start, settled at tail and remained there to corner, made some minor ground late.
1 of 810 Nov '18Morphettville Park R2Mdn SW330k1.357.56R J Hurdle1250mGood4No$3.41:14.67
Video Comments: Broke well, pushed up to a pressured lead, still there into stretch, headed but refused to surrender and knuckled down well to score.a
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 1013 Oct '18Morphettville R1Mdn SW330k3.757.56R J Hurdle1200mGood3No$611:10.20
Stewards Report: Rider lost whip.
Video Comments: Good start and landed just off the speed, similar at corner, boxed on to line.
4 of 627 Sep '18Morphettville Park R11BTrial-0k9.5-4R J Hurdle1000mGood4No$01:02.44
5. Blow Torch (4)
Barend Vorster (57)
White, Royal Blue Sides, White, Orange And Royal Blue Hooped Sleeves, Orange Cap
Age 3yo   Sex C   Colour BLK
Trainer  Tony McEvoy (Angaston)
Breeding  All Too Hard - Skye Gold (Galileo(IRE))
Owners  Kildalton Park Racing (Mgr: D Gordon), Ms R L Cormie, Ms B Simpson, D & Ms A Godfrey & J Naffine
Began awkwardly 7-3/4 len 9th of 11 (1) $21.00 57.5 Phoneme 1410m Flemington 3yo (Bm70) Soft(5) Dec 15. Sht 1/2 hd 2nd of 7 (4) $12.00 55.5 Regalo Di Gaetano 1300m Morphettville Parks 3yo (Bm70) Good(4) June 8.
Career: 3 1-1-0
Track: 1 0-1-0
Dist: 1 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 1 0-1-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 2 1-0-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $24,700
Won Between: 1000m to 1200m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 708 Jun '19Morphettville Park R3BM70 Hcp345k0.155.54Todd Pannell1300mGood4No$121:18.34
Video Comments: Began on terms, drifted back to 2nd last 2WWC, travelled well to turn, angled 4W cornering, tried hard right to line, excellent run.
--- 33 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 906 May '19Cranbourne Trainin R22BTrial2+0k3.3-4Carleen Hefel1190mHeavy8No$01:14.15
--- 142 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 1115 Dec '18Flemington R2BM70 Hcp3120k7.957.51L Currie1410mSoft5No$211:24.69
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Settled three back rails. Hard ridden from the corner. Never got into race.
1 of 925 Nov '18Kilmore R5Mdn SW3+26k1573L Currie1200mSoft5No$3.61:12.64
3 of 1212 Nov '18Cranbourne Trainin R18BTrial3+0k0.9-3M J Dee990mGood4No$00:57.91
1 of 730 Oct '18Benalla R2BTrial30k1-1L Currie1000mGoodNo$01:00.46
6. Helmaz (5)
Justin Huxtable (56)
Royal Blue, Black And White Checked Sash And Cap
Age 3yo   Sex G   Colour ch
Trainer  M A Kavanagh (Flemington)
Breeding  Helmet - Littlemiss Sandown (Encosta De Lago)
Owners  Mrs I P Kavanagh, G B Somerfield, Mrs T I Somerfield, V Versace, S M Ferguson, Mrs T L Payne, J L Payne, K Daly, P E Dempsey, M L Dethmore, D Radley, Ms J M Radley, J A Roberts, J W Bilney, S B O'Don
Keen 2-3/4 len 5th of 13 (6) $41.00 59.5 Gennady 1300m Sandown-Lakeside 3yo (Bm64) Soft(6) May 26. Len 2nd of 8 (3) $4.40 59.0 Howlowcanyougo 1400m Echuca Hcp (C1) Soft(6) June 16.
Career: 8 1-3-1
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 2 0-1-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 4 1-2-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 2 0-1-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $57,865
Won Between: 1200m to 1200m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 124 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 816 Jun '19Echuca R8Cls 1 Hcp-35k1593Fred W Kersley1400mSoft6Yes$4.41:26.19
5 of 1326 May '19Sandown-Lakeside R5BM64 Hcp350k2.859.56L Nolen1300mSoft6Yes$411:19.69
Stewards Report: Keen.
Video Comments: Began well and sat 3 wide on tempo. Under pressure at the turn but did hold his position to the finish.
--- 85 DAY LET UP ---
7 of 1102 Mar '19Flemington R5Open Hcp3135k4.5542Craig Williams1400mGood4No$411:23.33
Stewards Report: Pre race incident. Passed fit at barrier.
Video Comments: Nice trail behind speed. Did race little tight on fence in straight but had chance before fading.
2 of 1013 Feb '19Sandown-Hillside R3BM64 Hcp350k1.3593S Baster1300mGood3Yes$611:18.40
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages.
Video Comments: Sat 4th two wide. Hard ridden getting off heels straightening. Kept coming last 200m but winner too smart.
1 of 1029 Jan '19Wodonga R3Mdn SW335k0.1588C A Robertson1200mGood4No$3.51:12.86
--- 114 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 607 Oct '18Tatura R3Mdn SW323k0.8581Dylan Dunn1450mGood3Yes$141:28.49
11 of 1218 Sep '18Racing.Com Park Sy R1Mdn SW323k10.8587N Callow1200mSyntheticYes$261:13.72
Stewards Report: Left at start. Slowly away (1L). Hampered near 800m.
--- 35 DAY FRESHEN ---
3 of 514 Aug '18Geelong R1Mdn SW323k8.8583S Baster1000mSyntheticNo$130:59.13
7. Toorak Smock (3)
Ms Georgina Cartwright (56)
Cerise, White Spots
Age 3yo   Sex G   Colour br
GEAR CHANGES: Barrier Blanket First Time
Trainer  Nicholas Roe (St Leonards)
Breeding  Toorak Toff - Smock (Commands)
Owners  N J Roe & Mrs K Roe, Rosemont Stud Pty Ltd (Mgr: A P Mithen)
Len 2nd of 16 (2) $9.00 62.5 Sir Mask 1205m Sale 3yo+ (Bm58) Good(4) May 14. Began awkwardly. Checked near 1000m 1-3/4 len 4th of 7 (1) $9.00 53.5 Regalo Di Gaetano 1300m Morphettville Parks 3yo (Bm70) Good(4) June 8.
Career: 9 2-1-2
Track: 2 0-0-1
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 7 2-1-2
Dead: N/a
Slow: 1 0-0-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $32,060
Won Between: 1100m to 1100m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 708 Jun '19Morphettville Park R3BM70 Hcp345k1.753.51Ms G Cartwright1300mGood4No$91:18.34
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Checked near 1000m.
Video Comments: Missed start, revved up early to BS 3rd fence, overraced 900m, held up HT-150m, battled away okay when clear.
2 of 1614 May '19Sale R6BM58 Hcp3+35k162.52Damien Thornton1205mGood4No$91:11.68
3 of 720 Apr '19Kerang R4BM64 Hcp-15k2.2575Mikaela Claridge1100mGood4No$61:04.41
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
--- 108 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1202 Jan '19Sandown-Hillside R6BM64 Hcp-50k7.655.57Ms G Cartwright1000mGood3No$310:57.82
Video Comments: Nice trail two wide just off speed. Weakened from the corner.
--- 31 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 1002 Dec '18Warrnambool R7BM70 Hcp-30k4.655.57Ms L J Meech1000mSoft5Yes$9.50:58.72
Stewards Report: Raced three wide. Lame.
3 of 817 Nov '18Morphettville Park R1BM68 Hcp345k2.8564Tahlia Hope1000mGood4No$9.50:57.50
Stewards Report: Shifted out at start. Checked near 800m. Shifted out near 800m.
Video Comments: Good start, handy but deep, shaken up before turn, joined leader inside 200m, outgunned late.
1 of 527 Oct '18St Arnaud R7BM64 Hcp-15k0.5564Tahlia Hope1100mGood4No$5.51:04.58
1 of 1006 Oct '18Echuca R3Mdn SW3+15k0.8577Tahlia Hope1100mGood4No$9.51:06.38
7 of 817 Sep '18Cranbourne Trainin R18BTrial3+0k9.9-7J Eady800mGood4No$00:47.00
--- 76 DAY LET UP ---
5 of 903 Jul '18Geelong R4Mdn SW2+22k6.454.53Ms G Cartwright1100mSyntheticNo$311:05.17
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m. Raced greenly.
8. Calypso Storm (7)
Paul Gatt (54)
Purple, White Band, Armbands And Cap
Age 3yo   Sex F   Colour gr
Trainer  K M Knowles (Murray Bridge)
Breeding  Barbados - Alpine Storm (Damascus Storm(USA))
Owners  K M Knowles, Mrs E M Knowles, Mrs L R Edmonds, R J Picknell & G F Delsar
Laid out in straight 1-1/2 len 2nd of 14 (1) $31.00 52.5 Movandi 1400m Balaklava 2yo+ Mdn Good(4) May 29. Vetted - no abnormalities 1/2 hd win of 11 (10) $4.20 52.5 Lord Gilbert. Always The King 1400m Balaklava 2yo+ Mdn Good(4) June 10.
Career: 6 1-1-2
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 2 1-1-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 3 1-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 3 0-0-1
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $23,150
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 130 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1110 Jun '19Balaklava R5Mdn SW2+13k0.152.510Sophie Logan1400mGood4No$4.21:25.78
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
2 of 1429 May '19Balaklava R5Mdn SW2+13k1.552.51Sophie Logan1400mGood4No$311:25.64
Stewards Report: Laid out in straight.
Video Comments: Best away, stalked leader on inside, kept on to hit front briefly 100m, outgunned late by winner.
4 of 719 May '19Strathalbyn R3Mdn SW313k2.752.53Sophie Logan1350mSoft5No$6.51:24.85
3 of 1001 May '19Strathalbyn R3Mdn SW2+13k352.57Sophie Logan1200mSoft5No$511:15.26
Video Comments: Out well, eased to park behind speed, loomed at corner, boxed on bravely for 3rd.
3 of 617 Apr '19Murray Bridge R1Mdn SW2+13k10.3521Sophie Logan1200mGood4No$261:13.00
Video Comments: Fast away to share lead, leading pair 3 len clear of 3rd, same at corner but under pressure as first two broke away, tired but held on for distant 3rd.
--- 124 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 1214 Dec '18Morphettville R3Mdn SW313k1457.511Ms K Bishop1050mSoft5No$711:01.45
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Sluggish start, raced at rear in bunched field, deeper at turn, beat only tired horses home.
9. Crown Harmonium (2)
Sairyn Fawke (54)
Royal Blue, Cream Diagonal Stripes, Purple Cap
Age 3yo   Sex F   Colour BLK
Trainer  J E Hickmott (Murray Bridge)
Breeding  Glass Harmonium(IRE) - Miss Crown (Bellotto(USA))
Owners  J E Hickmott, N G W Duffield, J S Duffield & Miss O A Duffield
Fractious in barriers. Warning - barrier manners 12-1/2 len 8th of 10 (7) $8.00 54.0 Sky Punch 1400m Murray Bridge Hcp (C2) Soft(5) May 15. 1-3/4 len 2nd of 14 (4) $3.50 54.5 Borris In Ossory 1400m Balaklava (Bm60) Soft(5) June 19.
Career: 8 1-2-1
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 5 1-1-1
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 4 0-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 4 1-1-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $14,750
Won Between: 1100m to 1430m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 121 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1419 Jun '19Balaklava R8BM60 Hcp-15k1.854.54Raquel Clark1400mSoft5No$3.51:24.94
Video Comments: Out well, led briefly, keen 2 len 2nd mid, 3 len 2nd corner, boxed on solidly in straight but winner too strong.
1 of 209 Jun '19Port Augusta R1BTrial-0k5.5-2Sairyn Fawke1100mGood3No$01:04.28
8 of 1015 May '19Murray Bridge R7Cls 2 Hcp-15k12.5547Sairyn Fawke1400mSoft5No$81:25.98
Stewards Report: Fractious in barriers. Warning - barrier manners.
Video Comments: Fractious at gates but broke fairly before reined back to midfield 3w, similar at corner, laboured finish.
5 of 1022 Apr '19Oakbank R8Cls 2 Hcp-30k2.6546Sairyn Fawke1400mGood4No$7.51:30.75
Stewards Report: Hampered at start. Held up near 100m.
Video Comments: Began only fairly settling 3rd last 3WWC, under the pump turn, swung widest, battled away okay in straight, not bad.
--- 150 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 823 Nov '18Naracoorte R1Mdn SW3+10k454.54Sairyn Fawke1430mSoft6No$5.51:27.55
Stewards Report: Difficult to load.
2 of 1214 Nov '18Murray Bridge R4Mdn SW3+13k0.854.510Chris Caserta1606mGood3No$6.51:40.47
Video Comments: Not best away and stationed at the back, improved deep at turn, made late ground for 2nd.
4 of 1406 Nov '18Morphettville R3Mdn SW3+20k7.354.513Sairyn Fawke1600mSoft5Yes$311:38.70
Video Comments: Slowest out from wide gate, stationed near tail, made late ground behind a tearaway winner.
3 of 819 Oct '18Murray Bridge R2Mdn SW3+13k3.3546A K Chan1400mGood4No$511:27.49
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 254 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 507 Feb '18Murray Bridge R2Mdn SW213k18.8545D Caboche900mGood3No$260:51.80
Stewards Report: Sore.
3 of 811 Jan '18Murray Bridge R4BTrial20k5.6-3Sairyn Fawke900mGood3No$00:53.70